Informative Note

Welcome! Please take a few minutes to read a few simple guidelines regarding the stay at Casa Santo Nome di Gesù

Informative Note

Welcome! Please take a few minutes to read a few simple guidelines regarding the stay at Casa Santo Nome di Gesù

Check-In from 1:00 p.m.
Check-Out within 10:00 a.m.
Upon arrival the guests must be provided with identification documents, including minors strictly.


According to the current fire safety laws, it’s strictly forbidden the use of burner stoves, free flames, candles and flatirons.


The House has a Lost & Found service for its guests. Please contact the Front Desk by phone at +39 055 213856 or via email a

Access to the rooms and the floors of the hotel is allowed only to Guests that have been registered at the Reception.

From 1 July 2011 the City of Florence by resolution of the City Council No. 230/33 of 06.20.2011, integrated by resolution No. 21/2012 and 12/2023, has established the “’tourist tax”. The tax is applied to non-residents overnight stays in the city of Florence and for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. The tax rate for this tourist structure is € 4.00 per person per night.
There are the following exemptions:
a) children up to twelve years old ;
b) people who care for patients admitted to local hospitals, including outpatient care, for a maximum of two assistants per patient;
c) patients who make hospital care in outpatient care;
d) students of the University of Florence
It is also provided a 50% reduction of the tourist tax in the following cases:
a) groups of lower and upper secondary schools in Florence in teaching visit (with a written declaration from a school director);
b) athletes under the age of 16 years, members of groups participating in sporting events and tournaments organized in collaboration with the Municipal Administration.

ZTL – Legal warning about the access to the House by car or other motor vehicles.

We hereby inform our guests that the access to the House by own car or motorbike entails the obligation to register the plate number of the vehicle on the municipality ZTL (restricted access area) website, alongside the payment of a fee for such service.
The validity of such permit is, by the way, limited to the crossing of the entries to the ZTL explicitly specified and authorized by the Municipality of Florence for the access to the area where the hotel is situated (Porta Romana, Piazza Tasso, Porta San Frediano).
We therefore call upon our kind guests to pay the utmost attention when reporting their car plate and to be aware that the registration, the payment and the related ZTL permit will not be valid for future crossing, either in the same or in a different ZTL. Any unauthorized access will cause the emission and the communication of an administrative fine from the Municipality of Florence to the owner of the vehicle.
In the sole case when possible mistakes and/or malfunctions during the registration on the website may cause the subsequent notification to the guest of an administrative fine from the Municipality, the guest will have the burden to inform right away the hotel direction per mail, in any case within 15 days, sending at the same time a copy of the fine, in order for the hotel to make the appropriate verifications and to send back to the guest the receipt of the registration of the guest’s vehicle plate.
It will be the guest’s responsibility to forward to the competent authorities (“prefetto” or “giudice di pace di Firenze”) in the form and according to the timetable determined by the fine sheet, in order to appeal for the fine cancellation.
We therefore inform that the direction will decline any responsibility in case the guest will not abide such recommendations and/or proceeds to the payment of the fine.

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